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Artificial Grass in Las Vegas, NV Helps Property Owners Save Time, Money, & Water!

At SYNLawn Las Vegas, we offer beneficial artificial grass that helps residential and commercial property owners in Las Vegas, NV save time, money, and water. Our many versatile synthetic turf products are equipped with first-rate features. In doing so, our artificial turf allows you to reduce the amount of time, money, and water you put into your grass lawns, landscaping, and putting greens. So consider making the switch today!

Artificial Grass Saves Time

Home and business owners in Las Vegas, NV can benefit from our fabulous artificial grass products for a variety of reasons. One of the most significant is our turf’s ability to help property owners save time. Our synthetic grass can provide this benefit because it requires very little maintenance – unlike conventional grass lawns and landscaping.

Typically, traditional grass surfaces need to be trimmed with a lawn mower and other equipment. They also need to be watered, fertilized, seeded, re-seeded, and even treated with chemicals to help kill off insects and weeds. Each of these lawn care activities can take up significant time, especially when many of them need to be completed often for grass to look and feel its best.

Fortunately, artificial grass from us at SYNLawn Las Vegas does not require these lawn maintenance services. So instead of mowing, fertilizing, seeding, or treating a lawn or landscape, home and business owners with synthetic turf can spend time doing whatever they want, such as pursuing hobbies, spending time with friends and family, or simply enjoying their beautiful, low-maintenance artificial turf.

SYNLawn Las Vegas NV residential frontyard golf putting greens

Artificial Grass Saves Money

By eliminating many common lawn maintenance activities and responsibilities, our artificial grass also helps home and business owners save money! For example, watering a lawn, putting green, or a vast landscape can be incredibly expensive. It can also be costly to mow a grass surface. It requires owning a mower and gas to power it, or it requires hiring someone with a lawn mower to cut it for you. In either case, these costs add up over time!

Thankfully, our synthetic grass can help! Since it does not need to be watered, mowed, fertilized, seeded, or de-weeded, home and business owners can stop paying for these activities and their equipment. As such, property owners in Las Vegas, NV who install our artificial turf can save money over time.

Artificial Grass Saves Water

Saving water is a high priority for home and business owners in Las Vegas, Nevada. The lack of water in our desert community makes water conservation a crucial issue. Sadly, traditional grass surfaces are essentially water hogs. They need constant watering, especially in the Las Vegas climate, to look healthy, lush, and green. This contributes to excessive amounts of water waste, which can be costly for property owners and our community. Instead, home and business owners should switch to our artificial turf. It never needs to be watered, so it can help save hundreds to thousands of gallons per year!

SYNLawn Las Vegas NV residential pool surround backyard

Applications for Our Artificial Grass in Las Vegas, Nevada

At SYNLawn Las Vegas, we offer a wide variety of artificial grass products to help suit the needs of different settings on residential and commercial properties. Some of our many synthetic turf products include the following:

Whether you own a home, apartment building, restaurant, retail store, office, or other type of property, we have an artificial grass product that can help improve your surfacing while also helping you save time, money, and water.

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At SYNLawn Las Vegas, our artificial grass benefits property owners in Las Vegas, NV by helping them save time, money, and water. These benefits apply to each of our many synthetic turf products, ranging from our residential grass to our pet grass. Contact us today to learn more and get a free quote!

Create Inviting Outdoor Spaces with Artificial Grass for Apartments

Soft, green artificial grass from SYNLawn Las Vegas can help local apartment buildings and complexes in Las Vegas, NV create inviting outdoor spaces. Our wide range of synthetic turf products capture the look and feel of traditional grass while providing apartment owners and renters with a variety of further benefits. Our team is happy to design and install artificial lawns and landscaping for your rental property that will not only help make outdoor areas more cost-effective but more comfortable and inviting as well.

Apartments and the Need for Inviting Outdoor Areas

Apartment buildings and complexes across fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada thrive on offering their renters perks for living there. One of the most significant perks an apartment can offer a renter is a relaxing or entertaining outdoor area that feels comfortable and enticing.

Unfortunately, it can often be difficult for apartment owners to achieve this with surfaces like traditional grass, which requires considerable maintenance and tends to be inconsistent in look and feel. Plus, with water restrictions becoming more frequent in Nevada, conventional grass is simply not something any property can depend on.

Thankfully, at SYNLawn Las Vegas, we have the solution! Our artificial grass options for apartment buildings and complexes help create green and comfortable surfaces for outdoor areas that require little upkeep and always look and feel their best.

Courtyard with artificial grass installed


Outdoor Synthetic Surfacing Options From SYNLawn Las Vegas

At SYNLawn Las Vegas, we offer a wide variety of specialized artificial turf products, which can all be an ideal addition to your apartment building or complex. Some of our many synthetic grass options for Las Vegas, NV apartments include:

Adding one or more of our fabulous artificial turf products to your apartment building or complex can give your renters the soft, green surfaces they need to enjoy some time outdoors.

Close up of commercial artificial grass

Why Artificial Grass Creates More Inviting Outdoor Spaces

Our high-quality artificial grass products help apartments in Las Vegas, Nevada create more inviting outdoor spaces for three major reasons, including:

Consistent Beauty

Unlike traditional grass and other forms of outdoor surfacing, all of our artificial grass products offer consistent, year-round beauty. Our synthetic turf resists fading and never overgrows, develops holes or patches, or dies off. It retains its perfectly trimmed, lush, and green appearance throughout its long life.


At SYNLawn Las Vegas, we offer synthetic grass products that provide a soft surface for adults, children, athletes, and pets to enjoy. Unlike some of our competitors’ turf or the artificial turf from decades ago, our high-quality synthetic grass looks and feels like a traditional grass lawn. This makes it an incredibly inviting surface to experience and admire.

SYNLawn Las Vegas artificial grass for Commercial applications

Specializations for Pets & Children

Another way our artificial turf makes outdoor apartment areas more inviting is with its specializations. At SYNLawn Las Vegas, two of our many specialized synthetic turf products include our pet turf and playground grass. These products were designed and manufactured specifically for these populations. As such, our pet turf resists digging and drains liquids quickly, making it easy to clean, and our playground grass has heat reduction technology to stay cool for playing children to touch. It also offers shock absorption to help cushion impacts with the surface.

Products like these help address the needs of specific populations, and for parents and pet owners, they can be undeniably enticing. So if your Las Vegas apartment is family or pet-friendly, adding our pet grass or playground turf can be an exceptional way to attract renters with children or pets.

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At SYNLawn Las Vegas, we offer and install various artificial grass surfacing solutions for apartment buildings and complexes in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our high-quality, specialized synthetic turf products can help create more inviting outdoor spaces for apartments. These spaces can then help attract and retain renters, making them incredibly cost-effective. Contact us today to learn more or receive a free quote for artificial grass installation!

Impress Guests at Your Hotel, Resort, or Casino with Commercial Artificial Grass

With commercial artificial grass from SYNLawn Las Vegas, your hotel, resort, or casino will have an even better chance to impress guests in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Artificial grass is a year-round solution for owning extravagantly green spaces without requiring generous amounts of water and other costly maintenance. This makes commercial artificial grass an exceptional addition to nearly any hotel, resort, or casino in the hospitality-driven city of Las Vegas, NV.

Las Vegas: A Leader in Hospitality

As a leader in the hospitality industry, the city of Las Vegas, Nevada is home to some of the best hotels, resorts, and casinos in the United States and even the world. While this reputation helps bring potential guests to the city itself, it can be challenging for many hotels, resorts, and casinos to stand out from the growing crowd of competition. Fortunately, there are several ways hospitality properties can attract and impress guests. One of the simplest ways is to have undeniable curb appeal and greenery. Thankfully, this can be achieved with commercial artificial grass for hotels, resorts, and casinos from SYNLawn Las Vegas.

How Commercial Artificial Grass Helps Impress Guests

Year-Round Greenery

At SYNLawn Las Vegas, we supply and install extravagant artificial landscaping with our evergreen artificial grass and synthetic turf products. Unlike natural landscaping with living grass, our commercial artificial grass for hotels, resorts, casinos, and more provides consistent appeal. From the day it leaves our manufacturing facility in Dalton, Georgia, our synthetic grass retains its strikingly green and natural-looking appearance. This helps ensure that your property’s green areas – whether indoors or outdoors – are always ready to look their best for your guests.

hotel utilizing artificial grass in it's courtyard


Our artificial grass is also highly durable. Unlike other surfacing materials, such as traditional sod, our synthetic turf can hold up to various elements and conditions. This includes Las Vegas’ desert climate, consistent sunshine, high volumes of foot traffic, and the everyday wear and tear that comes from people enjoying outdoor activities like lawn games and more. With this remarkable resilience, our commercial artificial grass can continue to impress your guests year after year.

Impress for Less

By installing commercial artificial grass from SYNLawn Las Vegas, your resort, hotel, or casino can not only obtain extravagant, paradise-like green spaces, but you can also save money! Our artificial turf helps you impress for less because it eliminates many of the costly needs natural grass and other forms of landscaping require. For example, a patch of natural grass – no matter how expansive or minimal – will need to be watered, trimmed, and more to look appealing to guests. Yet, with our synthetic-based grass, you will never need to irrigate, mow, or treat it, making it a fabulous money-saving investment for your property.

artificial grass by in a hotel pool area

Why Choose SYNLawn Las Vegas for Your Artificial Turf Installation?

SYNLawn Las Vegas is the leading provider of artificial grass and synthetic turf products in Las Vegas, Nevada and many of its surrounding communities. Our technicians are experienced not only in artificial grass installation but also in designing impressive indoor and outdoor green spaces. With our expertise, superior turf products, and customized care, we can help your hotel, resort, or casino obtain the extravagant green spaces you need to attract and impress guests in our fabulous, hospitable city.

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Evergreen, money-saving commercial artificial grass from SYNLawn Las Vegas is an ideal surfacing material for hotels, resorts, and casinos in Las Vegas, NV that can help impress guests from around the world. Our high-quality synthetic turf products and expertise in artificial grass design and installation make us the premier choice for your property. With our assistance, your hotel, resort, or casino can attain inviting green spaces that can help you stand out from the crowd and help persuade guests to return to your property for years to come.

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Enhance Your Home or Public Playground with Safer Playground Turf

Having safer play areas is a high priority for many parents and guardians in Las Vegas, Nevada, and with artificial turf for playgrounds from SYNLawn Las Vegas, this desire can more easily be achieved. Our artificial playground grass provides numerous benefits for both residential and public playgrounds. These benefits can help make play areas across our city cleaner, safer, and even more cost-effective for homeowners, business owners, and our local government. This is because investing in high-quality surfacing from SYNLawn Las Vegas is not a gamble – it’s a win!

Artificial Turf for Playgrounds in Las Vegas, Nevada

Safer & Cleaner Surfacing

At SYNLawn Las Vegas, we offer a variety of artificial grass and synthetic turf products, including our fabulous playground turf. Unlike common indoor and outdoor play surfaces, our artificial playground grass is much safer and cleaner.

SYNLawn Las Vegas NV play turf artificial grass for school playgrounds
SYNLawn Las Vegas NV play turf artificial grass for school playgrounds

This is primarily due to our playground turf’s extra-padded backing and exceptional drainage. The extra padding embedded in our synthetic playground grass’ backing helps absorb various kinds of impacts, including running or jumping feet, falls, and more. In doing so, it helps prevent potentially serious injuries.

Likewise, our playground turf’s quick-draining ability along with its antimicrobial backing make it easy to clean and keep clean. With its quick drainage, a person can help eliminate build ups of dust, dirt, and other contaminants by just spraying the surface with water. In addition, with its antimicrobial backing, our synthetic playground turf is less likely to support the formation and growth of bacteria, making it a more hygienic surface for playtime – especially when compared to other common playground surfaces.

Ultimately, the additional padding and quick draining of our remarkable playground turf make it ideal for installation in numerous settings, such as homes and public play areas.

Residential Play Areas

One of the places children will spend the most time is at home. So it is always wise to have a dedicated play area for them. However, children can often be clumsy or even overly adventurous. In some unfortunate instances, this can cause children to become injured during playtime. Fortunately, with proper surfacing for your child’s play area, you can help create a safer space for play in your home or backyard.

Playfround Artificial Grass Installation

Public Playgrounds

Public play areas can be chaotic at times. For example, during busy weekends or summers when school is out, there can be dozens of little ones running, jumping, climbing, swinging, and more at your public park. This chaotic energy can influence children playing, making them want to run faster, jump higher, swing further, climb longer, and so on. While this can be great for wearing kids out, it also has the potential to lead to accidents and injuries. Fortunately, with artificial playground turf from SYNLawn Las Vegas, impacts with our surfacing can be better absorbed to help prevent serious injuries. In addition, with regular cleanings, our quick-draining, antimicrobial playground grass can help provide the public with a cleaner surface to enjoy.

Why Choose Synthetic Playground Turf From SYNLawn Las Vegas?

At SYNLawn Las Vegas, we provide properties in Las Vegas, Nevada with high-quality artificial grass products as well as expertise in designing and installing synthetic turf. With our mastery and products, we can help you and your home, business, or park gain a more ideal playground that is safer and cleaner for children. As an added bonus, our artificial playground turf does not require nearly as much maintenance as other play surfaces like natural grass, wood chips, or sand. By having a reduction in required maintenance for the life of the turf combined with our professional installation, it makes our synthetic playground turf a cost-effective investment that will last for years to come.

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Artificial playground turf from SYNLawn Las Vegas is one of the most effective ways to help keep playing children safer in Las Vegas, NV. Whether underneath a small playground at home or a massive set of monkey bars at a public park, our padded synthetic playground turf helps keep kids safer from impacts with the ground where it is installed, which helps in avoiding potentially serious injuries. Plus, since it is easy to clean and keep clean thanks to its quick draining and antimicrobial backing, our playground turf contributes to more hygienic play environments. These benefits and more make it a win for parents and guardians!

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Artificial Grass Can Provide Lush, Green Spaces in the Wake of Nevada’s Recent Water Reduction Bill

Are you looking to save water and keep a green, manicured lawn in Las Vegas, Nevada? Thankfully, artificial grass from SYNLawn Las Vegas can help – even in the wake of Nevada’s recent water reduction bill. In many of the Southwestern states in the U.S., water is becoming increasingly scarce. As a result, several state water agencies and officials, as well as state legislatures, have taken steps to help reduce water waste, including limiting the watering of natural grass lawns on certain kinds of properties. Nevada is one of the latest states to enact these kinds of restrictions. Fortunately, artificial turf from SYNLawn Las Vegas can help provide soft, stunning green spaces that are drought tolerant.

Nevada and the Need for Water Conservation

Like many other desert states, Nevada has dealt with water issues for a long time. In these climates, water is an especially precious resource that must be conserved. However, there are several areas of modern society that cause significant water waste, including natural grass lawns and landscaping.

According to the Southern Nevada Water Authority, non-functional natural grass consumes around 12% of Southern Nevada’s water supply, which is more water than the many Las Vegas Strip resorts with their thousands of hotel rooms consume in a year. By their estimates, there are around 4000 acres of natural grass located in medians and streetscapes, commercial properties, and multi-family housing developments. In many cases, this landscaping is just for aesthetic appeal, yet all together, these 4000 acres of natural grass consume around 9.5 billion gallons of water. This is incredibly wasteful, especially when artificial grass can provide the exact same aesthetic without needing to be watered.

Gazebo in the middle of an artificial grass park

Nevada Assembly Bill 356: Water Reduction

In order to help reduce the amount of water wasted on natural grass lawns and landscaping, Nevada’s State Legislature drafted and approved Assembly Bill 356. This bill contains a number of provisions, including mandating a study to examine the management of the state’s water resources. Most notably, Assembly Bill 356 bans water from the Colorado River to be distributed by the Southern Nevada Water Authority or its affiliates to irrigate any non-functional turf on any property not zoned as a single-family residence. Once the bill takes effect, commercial properties and multi-family housing developments, such as duplexes, apartments, and condominiums, will no longer be able to water non-functional turf. The bill then advocates for non-functional natural grass to be identified and removed – since it will die without water.

Artificial Grass: Drought-Friendly Surfacing Solution

Though some may view the passage of Assembly Bill 356 as unfortunate news, it presents Las Vegas residents with a remarkable opportunity to invest in drought-friendly landscaping, such as our artificial turf. At SYNLawn Las Vegas, our drought-resistant artificial grass never needs to be irrigated. Unlike unpredictable natural grass, it maintains a lush, green, and perfectly trimmed look throughout its long life. It never turns brown, becomes patchy, or dies off. Whether you own a home, business, or apartment complex, our drought-tolerant synthetic turf can help you save money on your water bill and conserve one of our state’s most precious resources.

While our commercial artificial grass is ideal for non-functional lawn spaces, we provide a variety of specialized turf options that can help turn once non-functional, green spaces into comfortable, functional outdoor areas. Our many synthetic turf options include:

Why Choose SYNLawn Las Vegas for Synthetic Grass

At SYNLawn Las Vegas, we are synthetic grass experts! Not only do we supply high-quality artificial turf products for residential and commercial purposes, but we also provide professional synthetic turf installation services. With our American-made, drought-friendly artificial grass and expert designers and installers, we can help you attain the durable, attractive, and low-maintenance lawn of your dreams.

SYNLawn Las Vegas artificial grass for Commercial applications

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Drought-resistant artificial grass from SYNLawn Las Vegas is an outstanding solution for property owners in Las Vegas, NV looking to save water and follow guidance from the state’s water authorities. The non-functional natural grass lawns on commercial and multi-family housing properties account for significant water waste yearly. However, they are not the only ones. Any natural grass on any property in Las Vegas contributes to water waste. Thankfully, it does not have to be this way. With drought-friendly, realistic-looking artificial grass from SYNLawn Las Vegas, it is possible to have beautiful, green outdoor lawns and landscaping that help conserve water.

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