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Indoor Putting Greens for Commercial & Residential Applications: What You Need to Know

Indoor putting green surfaces have recently grown more common in business and residential settings in Las Vegas, Nevada. Companies have started utilizing synthetic turf to improve the aesthetic of their inside spaces and attract more clients. The installation of synthetic turf has thus become a significant investment for a large number of establishments, including restaurants, retail malls, sporting goods stores, entertainment, and recreational facilities.

You don’t have to be a golf pro to own an amazing backyard putting green.

Following the COVID-19 restrictions, several commercial centers have been looking for new and innovative ways to attract more clients to their businesses to bolster their bottom lines. In addition to various incentives, many businesses have decided to invest in indoor putting greens. These surfaces are magnificently pristine, exude luxury, and do not fade or diminish in quality over time, regardless of how much it is used. Due to the turf’s elegance and durability, SYNLawn Las Vegas putting greens are widely installed in the following areas:

  • Offices
  • Shopping Malls
  • Restaurants
  • Mini-golf courses
  • Residential backyard
  • Resorts & hotels

There are countless possibilities for indoor synthetic golf greens in Las Vegas, and our professionals can assist in designing the perfect indoor putting green for your business’s needs.

Mini Golf Courses for Shopping Malls

Malls have played a crucial role in the artificial grass mini-golf course revolution, and they continue to do so. As more people return to their regular shopping patterns, shopping centers have turned to artificial grass and mini-golf courses as a means to get shoppers back into their stores.


Some restaurants have been experimenting with artificial putting greens in their premises. In an era when golf has reached an all-time high in popularity, and customers are becoming more confident in venturing outside, artificial putting greens have become a terrific method for adding an extra twist of fun to your regular clientele.

Mini Golf Courses

According to reports, golf popularity has reached an all-time high. It’s also one of the few sports that did not see a decrease in player participation during the year 2020. As a result, it should be no surprise that the number of synthetic mini golf courses being designed and installed is growing. Our artificial golf greens emit a luxurious splendor that never fades and maintains their clean appearance no matter how much they are used. They afford the convenience of playing at any time of the day or night, regardless of weather conditions. Even on the coldest, darkest days of winter, your residents, customers, and clients can enjoy indoor mini golf courses.
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SYNLawn Portable Putting Greens

Residential Indoor Putting Greens

With a residential artificial putting greens course in your backyard or indoor space, you can enjoy the exhilarating thrill of playing your favorite sport in the comfort of your backyard. This can enhance confidence, self-esteem, and overall skill while competing against other players in a public tournament. Plus, your Saturday family game night can reach an entirely new level of fun and excitement for everyone. Residential putting greens are also popular for people who frequently entertain guests.

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SYNLawn Las Vegas is Nevada’s leading artificial grass provider. Our turf is perfect for residential and commercial use, including pet turf, playgrounds for children, backyard lawns, roof decks, patios, and putting greens. We’ve built an outstanding reputation as a top supplier of synthetic grass in Las Vegas and the nearby areas of Enterprise, Paradise, Summerlin, Mt. Charleston, and Boulder City. Our dedication to excellence is shown in the attention, support, and knowledge we provide to both new and existing customers. When you’re ready to get started, please contact us right away for a free consultation!
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Our Golf Products

Browse our incredible selection of high-quality products to find the right synthetic turf for your needs.

TEE Strike

TEE Strike
SKU: SS301 | Total Weight: 120 oz | 10 Years

This artificial tee-line grass is so dense it easily supports a standard golf tee for a natural, true-to-life feel allowing golfers to swing on a surface that wont grab the club-head. The durable nylon construction offers unmatched performance over PE with a quick ROI for golf facilities.

Precision Putt

Precision Putt
SKU: SG326 | Total Weight: 47 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

Improve your game with our best-selling putting green surface, known for its performance and superior ball control. With nylon fibers and an embossed backing, this turf accepts shots like a champ and delivers a 12 on the Stimpmeter.

Classic Pitch

Classic Pitch
SKU: CPITC | Total Weight: 53 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

An excellent product for the intermediate golfer seeking consistent ball roll for putting and durability for chip shots. Its remarkable stability also makes it an excellent choice for use in playground TrampleZones.

SYNRange Pro

SYNRange Pro
SKU: SRP33 | Total Weight: 33 oz | Limited lifetime warranty*

Ideal turf product for large indoor or outdoor applications such as golf facilities and driving ranges. Highly durable with a low face weight and a natural aesthetic are among the many benefits when choosing this golf grass variety.

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