Artificial Grass
in Reno, NV

At SYNLawn Las Vegas, we are a leading supplier and installer of artificial grass and turf in areas throughout the State of Nevada, including Reno, NV. Despite the sizable distance between Reno and our hometown of Las Vegas, we understood the need for high-quality synthetic surfacing solutions in “the Biggest Little City in the World.” So we proudly offer all of our fabulous artificial grass and synthetic turf products to homes, businesses, and more in Reno, Nevada. We also offer our professional turf installation services! 

Applications for Artificial Grass & Turf in Reno, NV

Artificial grass and turf can provide better, more specialized surfaces for residential and commercial properties in Reno, NV. At SYNLawn Las Vegas, we offer a wide variety of synthetic turf products, which are each suited to different needs and applications. Some of the many artificial grass and turf products we supply and install include:



As a SYNLawn Distributor and Installer, our team has access to numerous, highly specialized types of synthetic grass and artificial turf, which can be a tremendous asset to homes, businesses, and more in Reno, Nevada. 

Benefits of Synthetic Turf from SYNLawn Las Vegas

At SYNLawn Las Vegas, our fabulous artificial grass and synthetic turf products provide properties in Reno, NV with several benefits. These include:

Little Maintenance

Unlike traditional, living grass, our artificial counterpart requires little to no maintenance. From the day it is produced in our United States-based factory, our synthetic turf maintains its perfectly lush, green, and trimmed appearance. And since it never grows, turns brown, or dies off, you never need to worry about watering, fertilizing, or mowing it to keep it looking its best. After it’s installed, it is good to go for years of use and admiration! 


Part of what makes our artificial turf and grass products so remarkable is their durability. At SYNLawn Las Vegas, we understand the desire for pristine surfaces that resist fading and wear and tear, which is why our turf products are incredibly durable. Our synthetic grass and turf surfaces withstand multiple types of wear and tear, including high amounts of foot traffic, lawn games and activities, and Reno’s windy, sunny, and sometimes even snowy weather.


Reno, like many other communities in Nevada and the Western United States, suffers from having a lack of water – also known as a drought. One of the most significant sources of water waste in Reno and other U.S. cities comes from watering living grass lawns and landscaping. Thankfully, homes and businesses can save water and money by switching to our drought-tolerant artificial grass. Unlike traditional grass, our synthetic turf never needs watering, making it a drought-friendly and cost-effective surfacing solution. 

Consistent Visual Appeal

For many who are unfamiliar with artificial turf, the idea that a low-maintenance, durable, and drought-tolerant surface can look and feel just like living grass seems impossible. Fortunately, thanks to the decades of experience and continued development of synthetic grass by SYNLawn, we offer a surface that makes all of that possible! Our artificial grass and turf products are ultra-realistic, allowing them to mimic the visual appeal and texture of traditional grass. As a result, our synthetic grass is a stunning addition to nearly any residential or commercial property in Reno, Nevada. 

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At SYNLawn Las Vegas, our high-quality selection of artificial grass and turf – along with our professional installation services – makes us a top choice for synthetic turf solutions in Reno, Nevada. We offer a wide variety of artificial turf products, including our specialized turf options such as our putting greens, playground turf, pet turf, and athletic turf. Our synthetic grass is also ideal for homes and businesses throughout Reno, providing them with durable, low-maintenance, drought-tolerant lawns or landscaping that always look stellar! 

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