Artificial Grass in Las Vegas, NV


SYNLawn is a leading manufacturer and installer of high-quality artificial grass in Las Vegas, NV.

Installing synthetic turf in this area makes perfect sense: the region’s arid climate, along with its meager yearly precipitation, requires homeowners to dedicate significant time and resources to grooming traditional lawns. Even then, success is not guaranteed, as natural grass can still wither in excessive heat and drought.

Consequently, it’s easy to see why the sale and installation of artificial grass in Las Vegas and the nearby areas of Summerlin and Henderson has soared in recent years. Today, SYNLawn’s signature artificial grass is common for residential lawns, dog grass, putting greens, and commercial settings. But why switch to artificial grass? First, let’s review the most common benefits:

Transform Your Home's Front & Backyards

Let’s face it; artificial grass gives your property an air of sophistication and curb appeal. Consider coming home to a perfectly immaculate lawn that radiates splendor regardless of the weather or usage. You can count on SYNLawn Las Vegas’ artificial turf to significantly improve the aesthetic appeal of your property, much to the envy of your neighbors and passersby.

Perfect for Dogs & Pets

Pets love to run and play outdoors, but regular grass lawns can pose safety concerns since dogs can dig through the ground and leave your protective enclosure. That’s where our artificial pet grass comes in. Our turf is highly durable and resistant to digging, ensuring your beloved furry friend stays and plays in your designated area without leaving.

Because our synthetic turf is allergen-free and resistant to pests, your pet will have the best of both worlds: a high-class turf and a safe area to play in. Additionally, it is quite porous, which helps prevent pet odors and mud prints.

Great for Golf Putting Greens

Artificial grass is ideal for residential and commercial golf courses in Las Vegas. In general, our putting greens synthetic properties assure a durable and weather-resistant PGA-standard surface that requires little to no maintenance. This saves money and improves the quality of the game.

On a more personal level, having an artificial mini-golf course or putting green in one’s backyard is a massive perk for golf enthusiasts. By being able to practice and play at your leisure, you can significantly enhance your skills.

Commercial Applications

Additionally, artificial grass has become a standard in various commercial settings, especially casinos and resorts in Las Vegas. Other examples include retail malls, public parks, and outdoor recreational spaces. It saves businesses time and money on landscaping while providing a memorable experience for customers.

Low maintenance

Artificial grass is the perfect solution for Las Vegas residents looking for a low-maintenance alternative to traditional grass. Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass requires no watering or mowing, making it a great choice for busy home and pet owners alike. Plus, its proprietary synthetic fiber construction ensures a lush and realistic look that will last for decades.

Water Conservation

Acute water shortages plague the arid Las Vegas climate and the surrounding Mojave Desert. If you’re looking for a way to conserve water and save money on your lawn care, look no further than artificial grass. Its synthetic materials ensure it does not need watering or expensive sprinkler systems. This is a boon to the economy and the environment.


Artificial grass protects the environment by reducing the carbon footprint. This is because it does not require fossil-fuel-powered lawn mowing equipment, which has been linked to increased carbon emissions and atmospheric pollution.

Artificial grass is also environmentally friendly because it eliminates the need for irrigation and landscaping chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. These have been implicated in producing toxins that are detrimental to the soil, water, and vegetation.

Artificial grass pool area

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