Why High-Quality, USA-Made Artificial Grass Saves You Money Over Cheap Artificial Turf in Las Vegas

Don’t fall prey to the feel and appearance of cheap artificial grass in Las Vegas. When choosing synthetic grass, let’s discuss why you should invest in high-quality artificial grass that is highly durable and looks/feels like real grass. At SYNLawn Las Vegas, we provide low-maintenance, pet-friendly, durable, cost-effective residential and commercial artificial grass. From beautiful designs to installation, we give you a vibrant green space for any property transformation.

Why Is Artificial Grass So Popular in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Most people in Las Vegas, Nevada live a busy lifestyle, given the incredible year-round weather. Affordable artificial grass in Las Vegas serves as a relaxing and long-term alternative to maintaining a picture-perfect, aesthetically pleasing front yard without regularly watering the grass or mowing the lawn.

Commercial and residential areas that you can install artificial grass include:

SYNLawn artificial grass residential landscaping

How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost in Las Vegas?

The three types of synthetic grass – polypropylene, polyethylene, and nylon – determine the quality and cost of artificial grass. The price range between installing artificial grass and professionally laid sod is vastly different.

Several factors affect the cost of installing artificial grass, including:

  • Area shape and size
  • Area location
  • Blade shape
  • Brand or manufacturer

A typical fee for installing synthetic grass is between $5.50 and $18.75 per square foot, while sod costs you 14 to 60 cents per square foot more than artificial grass. Plus, you end up paying approximately $840 for maintenance.

The lifespan of artificial grass is over 15-25 years with little to no maintenance. However, sod requires constant attention, including fertilizing, regular watering, and mowing. A one-time payment for a high-quality artificial grass installation is an excellent investment and a hassle-free option.

image of Pet friendly artificial grass for your furry friends available at SYNLawn Las Vegas
image of Pet friendly artificial grass for your furry friends available at SYNLawn Las Vegas

Save Money with Artificial Turf

Why does high-quality artificial grass save you money over bargain-priced, cheap artificial turf in Las Vegas? Below, we discuss ways you save money by installing artificial turf.

Water Bills

Save water with artificial turf which is especially important in Las Vegas and Nevada. Sod requires frequent watering. Artificial turf helps you conserve water and lower your water bills in areas where water usage is a concern. Spend time with your family and friends instead of focusing on mundane chores that only cost you more money. Ultimately you’ll become a better friend to the environment.

Free From Harmful Pesticides

By installing artificial turf, you do not have to buy expensive fertilizers and pesticides. Sod requires chemical fertilizers to flourish. However, this harms the groundwater and ecosystem. Artificial grass remains green all through the year, even without maintenance.

Low Maintenance

If you dislike mowing the lawn, then artificial grass saves you the trouble. The drawback of gasoline power tools like string trimmers or lawn mowers is they emit carbon dioxide leading to air pollution. On the other hand, perfectly manicured artificial grass does not require edging, seeding, or trimming.

Or if you pay for landscaping maintenance, you will save considerable costs by switching to artificial grass which takes little to no work.

Pet-Friendly Artificial Turf

Dogs love digging holes and rolling around on the grass. If your dog runs on standard artificial grass, it wears down and shortens its lifespan. By installing synthetic pet grass, rest assured your dog grass or pet grass remains safe for your pets, and you can easily clean off pet waste. In addition, no more mud problems such as muddy footprints or muddy patches.

Commercial Artificial Grass InstallationsSYNLawn Las Vegas

So before you sign up for that cheap $1.50 per square foot artificial grass from an unknown company and quickly regret your choice, consider SYNLawn Las Vegas. Our team is highly trained and we provide high-quality residential and commercial artificial grass in Las Vegas, NV, and surrounding areas. If you want an environmentally friendly artificial turf through reducing water consumption and maintenance costs, choose SYNLawn. We pride ourselves on producing a plant-based, USDA Certified BioPreferred artificial turf that remains resilient while withstanding constant foot traffic.

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